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Tournament Information

JNW Club - Charterhouse School – 2019 (Rated)

Venue : Charterhouse School
Location : 10 Erasmus Rd, Radiokop, Roodepoort
Date : 13 April 2019
Start Time : Sections A - D : 13 April 2019 at 08:00
Sections E, F & Adult : 13 April 2019 at 9h00
Format : 5 Rounds Swiss
Time Control : 60/60
Default time : 25 min from start of round


JNW Chess Club is hosting a rated tournament for everyone at Charterhouse School.

FIDE Laws of Chess – January 2018 will apply
Please note that rule Regulation III.4 will be applied

Sections :
A – Rating 1450 and higher
B – Rating between 1150 and 1449 (no playing up - goal is to reach 1450)
C – Rating 950 to 1200 (If rating 1150 and above can choose to play in Section B or remain in C), Only for children aged 17 and younger if rating requirements are met
D – Rating 650 to 1000 (If rating above 950 and above can choose to play in Section C or remain in D), Children aged 12-17 (2002 and 2009) with no rating or Chess beginner can play in this section
E – Children 10 years and younger (born 2010 and later) with a Chessa Rating of 500 to 649 can enter this section
F – Development and Young Beginner Section (no rating) Children up to the age of 12 (born 2008 and younger) can enter section.
Adult Section (Chessa rating below 1150 and New players older than 17)


You may play in a higher section dependent on the rating rules for the section and event.
This is only for players with a CHESSA rating.
Special approval is needed to play up i.r.t. the A-Section.

Sections might be combined depending on the number of entries per section.

Rating Rules for Registration

Tournament Rules

Entry Fee :

Cash deposits into the bank account pay the same amount as registration @ venue.

Description Register & Pay @Venue Register & Pay Online
A & B Sections R 220 R 180
C & D Sections R 200 R 160
E & F Section R 160 R 120
Adult Section R 100 R 100

Bank Details:JNW Chess Club Bank Detail

Bank: Standard Bank
Account Name: JNW Chess Club
Account No: 00 207 571 7
Branch: Northcliff

NEW please read! Reference i.r.t. payment:
Surname, Initial and Section for on-line payments (E.g. "BR/SmitJ/B" or "BR/SmitJ/U10")


Place Section A Section B Section C Section D Section E, F & Adult
1st R 2 000 Medal Medal Medal Medal
2nd R 1 500 Medal Medal Medal Medal
3rd R 1 000 Medal Medal Medal Medal

Acknowledgement will be given to the top girl player per section.
Medal and Next JNW Club Tournament Free Entry!

Tie break will be determined on
Direct Encounter, Bucholtz less bottom result

Note: Tuckshop will be available

Tournament Organiser: Julian Botha at 082 777 2712


Registration : Tournament Registration

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